Polar Bear Fall 2022 Day 1

November 06, 2022

It was a wet and cold day to start the Polar Bear season. Despite this there was a strong turnout of competitors excited to get back into winter racing. A gusty 10-15 knt breeze from the East held throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Race committee took their usual anchorage somewhere in the vicinity of QC and prepared the fleet for a downwind start. TC in Division 2 started along with Divisions 3 and 4 and, predictably, the start line was somewhat chaotic. Rio and TC unfortunately came together at the start line but luckily there was no damage. It took a moment to refocus and the time lost to the front of the fleet at the start line was never regained.

Place: 7th Welp DSQ
Elapsed: 1:04:43
Top speed: 7 knts

VRC Polar Bear results

Update: After a protest hearing, Thursday’s Child was disqualified from the race.

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