Polar Bear Fall 2022 Day 3

December 04, 2022

The day started with memories of two weeks prior when similar conditions led to no racing. As we motored out to race committee’s usual position, there was a distinct difference from the previous outing: a little bit of breeze coming out of the East. There would be another downwind start with Division 0, 1, and 2 boats going all the way out to the Bell Buoy. Division 3 and 4 boats would round a freighter slightly closer.

Skepticism that Division 2 boats could finish before the time limit, or at all, increased for the first hour and an half. The slight breeze out of the East disappeared rather quickly after the start and we were at the mercy of the currents with our drifter hanging limp from the mast. As we neared the Spanish Banks markers, wind from the West had filled in and we actually started moving forward! After that it was a fairly smooth rounding and a drag race back to the finish line.

Place: 4th
Elapsed: 3:27:47
Top speed: 5 knts

VRC Polar Bear results

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