Polar Bear Winter 2023 Day 1

January 15, 2023

New year, same wind conditions. The fleet drifted around for a couple hours waiting for anything resembling wind. Nothing really arrived, but we started some racing anyways! The course was decided during a light northerly, up to QC then down to a freighter and back to the start/finish. Pretty much as soon as Division 2 crossed the start line the wind shifted 180 degrees. As we rounded QC, we actually had some good pressure. This would be short lived as it died as quickly as it arrived at the leeward mark. The race was mostly won or lost by being around the freighter before the wind turned off. TC didn’t quite make it in time and the rounding was painful. Still, best results of the series so far!

Place: 4th
Elapsed: 1:19:40
Top speed: 6 knts

VRC Polar Bear results

TC Saftey Thirst™ - 2023