Polar Bear Winter 2023 Day 3

February 12, 2023

A consistent wind out of the East brought with it good results for TC. She managed to take two bullets and the lead of the Winter series. Both races were downwind starts from the usual committee boat position. The first race was once around the Bell Buoy and the second was around a freighter.

In the first race, TC was slow to the start but gained an advantage with a DDW run straight at the mark. After a solid rounding she stayed relatively close to the beach to seal the victory. The second race was pretty much the same only shorter distance, and this time we had to jibe. The spinnaker tried to fly away a bit but was recovered in time to still hold a lead over the fleet. Nothing changed on the return leg and the double victory was secured.

Race 1

Place: 1st
Elapsed: 1:38:13
Top speed: 8 knts

Race 2

Place: 1st
Elapsed: 0:34:58
Top speed: 8 knts

VRC Polar Bear results

TC Saftey Thirstâ„¢ - 2023