Polar Bear Winter 2024 Final day

March 03, 2024

The final day of Polar Bear racing for the 2023-24 season proved decisive. After a season of lackluster wind, the fleet was blessed with a gusty 10-15 from the East, putting the main trimmer’s arms to the test. We managed to get in three races before the time cutoff, each with a downwind start and freighter as the leeward mark. Some of the best race conditions of the year produced a distinct winner for each of the three races: Thursday’s Child, Rhumb Line, and Rio. The overall leader going into the final day, Jasmina, chose an unfortunate day to take off as they were saddled with 3 DNC and sent to 3rd overall. Rhumb Line took the 2023-24 overall title.

Race 1

Place: 1st
Elapsed: 48:42
Top speed: 6 knts

Race 2

Place: 2nd
Elapsed: 50:41
Top speed: 8 knts

Race 3

Place: 2nd
Elapsed: 49:41
Top speed: 8 knts

VRC Polar Bear results

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